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Present accurate effort report to clients which they can trust

Easily manage teams working on different projects with time logging and attendance functionalities.


  • Transparency with tool that takes screenshots and capture idle time

  • Get a clear picture of the effort spent by the team and each employee

  • Analytics to help you make changes and take decisions

  • Manage costs based on the analytics of time logged

Task Management

  • Manage day to day of the project with task management system.

  • Tasks integrated with the time logged for accurate effort estimate.

  • Run daily scrum meeting with task dashboard.

  • Get accurate amount of time spent on task by employee.


  • Smart analytics to identify inefficiencies in the effort team spends

  • Identify less efficient employees in the team with tailor-made analytics

  • Increase productivity of the employees

  • Reward more productive employees and identify less productive ones.

Reports & Analytics 

  • Get team and employee level detailed analytics.

  • We have 12 data points that will help you estimate multiple KPIs.

  • Attendance and time log analytics for management to estimate effort by the team.

  • Export reports as per the requirement.

Ready to Make Your Team More Effective?

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