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Offshore DevelopmentResources

We offer on-demand software development resources. These are carefully filtered and curated resources who are ready to join your team and get the work started.


You can get resources who can ready to work full time on your project and you can stop utilizing the resource with just 1 month of notice. 


Cost effective

These resource are on our payroll and this mean you don't have worry about resource onboarding cost and since these resource do not work from your office location, you significantly reduce the cost.


Focus on software development

You just need to pay for the time resource works for you. We remove all other distractions. No need to worry about staff benefits, personnel management, health insurance etc. Even if there is a need to replace resource, we take care of the process including necessary knowledge transfer to new resource.


Transparent reports

Our resources you our in-house tool for time tracking and logging hours for the project. This helps bring transparency in the number of hours worked by our resource in your project and billing can be done on the same.

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