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Charge higher with confidence

You can now use our time tracking system to provide proof of work and accurate effort spent. This transparency helps avoid any mistrust and long term relationship with the clients.

Manage Resources

  • Easily manage resources from different teams

  • Assign them to different projects easily

  • Easily track time spent at project level and team level

  • Export data to be shared with the clients


  • Transparency with tool that takes screenshots and capture idle time

  • Get a clear picture of the effort spent by the team and each employee

  • Analytics to help you make changes and take decisions

  • Manage costs based on the analytics of time logged


  • Our time tracker is designed to keep person focused while its running

  • Identify less efficient employees in the team with tailor-made analytics

  • Increase productivity of the employees

  • Reward more productive employees and identify less productive ones

Reports & Analytics 

  • Get team and employee level detailed analytics

  • We have 12 data points that will help you estimate multiple KPIs

  • Attendance and time log analytics for management to estimate effort by the team

  • Export reports as per the requirement

Ready to Make Your Team More Effective?

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