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Helping teams focus on work and not work hours.

Easy to use and non intrusive

Attendance report

Get attendance report of time when team members are log in and out.

Get some interesting reports on how many people present or absent or people who didn't log enough hours set by admin.

Teams & user based role

You can create teams, projects, teams in on.

You can define user role based access to reports.

Work hours report

Time logging doesn't just help companies bring more transparency with the client, but a seamless invoice process. 

You can now give reports access to clients where they can login and check latest updates on time logged.

This allows businesses to focus on real work rather than debate about real effort required or done.

Time logging

Our time logging feature helps users get focus on the task at hand and this in turn makes them more productive.

It helps users get a real sense of efforts put on tasks. If time taken is less than average time then user can start working on aspects that will help you deliver faster.

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